Dating and relating book review

) I went to the party and bought a book…After reading the book, I decided that I should review it right here…Disclaimer: Unlike the other books I have reviewed on this blog, this book is in no way religious or spiritual; however, everybody can relate to the topic of dating, mating and relating…Okay, just a little background on Blane…Her book was inspired by and based on “Ask a Bachelor, “ her advice column for the published right here in the A…The column was originally named “On Being a Bachelor” and included thoughts about her dating adventures in the A, but serendipitously, shortly after committing to write about her lack of a commitment, she found herself in a committed relationship…And so the column was reworked into an advice column…Wonder of wonders…

The Journal’s mission is to disseminate knowledge about all aspects of human sexuality to the widest possible international community.Every day I read something new about dating and relationships.Usually, it’s an article or study that I share on Thursdays. I hope you are wrapping up your summer in a fabulous way!I am – hence my lack of posts over the last week or so…I’ve been traveling…but my writing schedule will be back to normal in September…By the time you’re done reading “Dateonomics,” you might think otherwise.


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