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, where he helped pitch jokes for Le Bron James’s character.

Facebook user Tiffany Hailey told The Clarion-Ledger she watched the video in real-time on Facebook and shared a copy of it urging her friends to reach out to the woman who looked like she was in trouble. "It's really, really, bad." The video has been removed from the social networking site, but had been shared more than 1,500 times and attained 84,000 views, according to the New York Post.

Host Anna Sale, senior producer Katie Bishop and mix engineer/sound designer/composer Andrew Dunn discussed the ins and outs of how the show is made with Samantha Henig, The Times’ editorial director of audio.

About Podcast Mixtape This is a demo, a rough draft, a sample.

You can watch the live stream here starting at p.m. with an interview and an audience Q&A session in The Clay Center’s Walker Theater, Charleston, W. Sale produces one of America’s most popular podcasts for WNYC radio in New York City.

Death, Sex and Money is about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.


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