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Ambrozy's son: LUDWIK TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO, 1700 - 1758 Tekla Ratomska, with children: Tadeusz Kosciuszko b.

1746, Jzef Kosciuszko, Anna Kosciuszko and Katarzyna Kosciuszko.

One minute you're spraying perfume around the cheetah exhibit.

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Rodzina - edukacja - informacja - genealogia - pochodzenie - biografia - historia. History and genealogy - author Konstantynowicz Bogdan - Edukacja, informacja, historia, genealogia, biografia: USA, Europa, Polska i Rosja. History of Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Globalization and globalism - Donald Trump, John F. Pawlowice [Mielzynski], Baszkow, Perzyce [see Angela Merkel], Rawicz, Krotoszyn; to village Wola Pszczolecka and Miezonka in BELARUS [Kiedrzynski and Konstantynowicz with link to ARMAND in Moscow - back to BREGUET and DUFLON]; Kurmene / Kurmen and Radkuny [Komorowski], Retow [Oginski], Gorżdy / Gorzdy / Gargzdai / Gargdai [von Rnne / Roenne / RONNE].

Social media was abuzz when news broke recently of actress Fiona Xie having a new beau - rapper Julien Leo - mostly because she is much older than him.

Xie, who is hosting the sixth season of Channel 5's home-makeover show Renovaid, is 35 years old, while Leo, son of high fashion retailer Tina Tan-Leo, is 21. The 14-year age gap does not appear to be an issue for the couple, going by a recent lovey-dovey photo of them which he posted on Instagram.

In it, he has his arms around Xie's waist andthe caption reads: "Happy Valentine's Day Baby!!

To the memories we've made and to the adventures that await us! The actress, who once dated former actor Robin Leong, made her acting debut in Channel 5 drama, Growing Up (1996-2001) and has starred in Channel 8 dramas such as Home In Toa Payoh (2003) and The Champion (2004).


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    Unfortunately, not everyone can break up and stay friends. With time, however, we learn to pick up the pieces and redefine our direction in life. Some of us still hold on to that friendship even though it is long gone. I'd like to say that it was your decision alone to keep this distance, but I think we both know it was for the best.