Updating records of search strings jewish speed dating htm

* jquery.0.0.1 - https://github.com/yckart/jquery.* Scroll smooth to any element in your DOM.* * Copyright (c) 2012 Yannick Albert ( * Licensed under the MIT license (web2py comes with a Database Abstraction Layer (DAL), an API that maps Python objects into database objects such as queries, tables, and records.The DAL dynamically generates the SQL in real time using the specified dialect for the database back end, so that you do not have to write SQL code or learn different SQL dialects (the term SQL is used generically), and the application will be portable among different types of databases.As explained above, I only want to display the first N items that match the query.

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You use the Find and Replace dialog box when you want to find and optionally replace small amounts of data, and when you are not comfortable using a query to find or replace data.

The dialog box resembles the Find tools that you see in other programs, but it contains some features that make it more useful for searching relational databases.

Above the text field I have a table displaying the (first N, e.g.

100) records that match the string in the text field.


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