Chinese dating white men

Such an impossible situation is made possible by Chinese women who aren’t able to say “no” when it comes to expat men.Even though they have the edge on Caucausian women with their “slender, pliable figures”, the beauty of Chinese becomes a disadvantage when it comes to foreign men who are “more blunt about what they want than the average local fellows”.This is the testimony of my atonement.♦◊♦It’s always challenging to separate our rational minds from our instinctual drives, but I knew that going halfway around the world provided an added dimension (and opportunity) to practice this discernment in my love life.China offered a whole new pool of potential partners set in a backdrop where my ideas about dating would stand out for easy examination.

Show them there’s more to the interracial dating world than just the usual white men and Chinese women.

I’m responding to something else entirely that’s been on my mind.

There’s this white guy who continues to post hate-filled diatribes of comments on my site about Western women dating Chinese men, about how we shouldn’t be dating at all.

For a restless soul looking for answers, China can serve as another another rung up the corporate ladder or a fresh start.

One thing it’s not, according to one female expat, is an ideal place for a western woman to find romance.


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