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‘ Fuck it, I’m on holiday’ is the excuse people often use to justify their actions on holiday, such as a 6am beer at the airport.

This insight is the foundation of our brand platform, because Thomas Cook’s service is built purely to enable these indulgent moments.

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That magazine is now out, so go and get your copy and eat the Chameleon Circuit goodness.

“Lloyd In The Void” (Technicolour Chaos) For more info, see DFTBA’s Wiki! Posted in Releases Back in May Alex and Charlie of Chameleon Circuit were interviewed by Benjamin Cook for the Doctor Who Magazine!

Okay, first an overview of what was happening for anyone who doesn’t already know.

“Regeneration Is Useless (With Two Broken Hearts)” (The Medusa Cascade) 13. I wanted to create something similar and motivate people to celebrate Doctor Who in a fun, new way.” He goes on to talk about what might happen if Trock gains more followers: “We’ve been talking about playing shows and lots of people want us to, but we’ll have to get rehearsing first.Obviously, Ben Cook, the web show’s host was there, and there were also such guests as Jack and Finn Harries (jacksgap), Tom Milsom (hexachordal), and Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs (OMFGIts Jack And Dean).Lex Croucher (tyrannosauruslexxx) was there as well, specifically to represent the women who’ve participated in the documentary as well as the phenomenally large female audience who took offence at a BY episode, entitled Girls On Youtube (not going to go into everything that was wrong with that video right now). On creating the genre, Alex is noted as saying, “I was inspired by wizard rock, a community that sings about Harry Potter. Posted in Interviews Tags: Alex Day, Benjamin Cook, Chameleon Circuit, Charlie Mc Donnell, Doctor Who Magazine Den Of Geek has published a new interview with Alex Day of Chameleon Circuit, speaking about the album, inspirations and the Trock fandom.There’s going to be a Trock meet-up on Blog TV on Saturday 05th September at 12pm GMT! Friends In Time also have a new song called “I Love The Doctor More Than You” on their My Space page! Compilation CD brought together by Alex Day is now available for Pre-Order from DFTBA’s store!


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